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Let the Blogging Begin

Good Morning Everyone,
One of my New Years Resolution this year was to begin blogging consistently to nurses and nurse entrepreneurs on a variety of topics. Here is to the first day!

As nurses, we wear so many different hats. Each area of nursing is it’s own specialty and has it’s own challenges. With that, it is nice to connect with others and get feedback, support and resources on how others have dealt with similar situations.

I have had my own company since 1999. My parent company is Med-Legal Healthcare Consulting Services, Inc. Services we provide  include; case management, legal nurse consulting, life care planning, nurse coaching and elder care services. Being on my own,  afforded me the ability to stay home with my kids when they were young. It has provided me  flexibility and a wide range of experiences. I can truly say, boredom is not part of my vocabulary. Every day is different. Being a nurse entrepreneur has been a wild ride. One I am glad I am on, and hope you will join me.